Jesus said, "Go!"

   I just arrived home from co-leading another short term missions team, along with Wayne, down to Rancho Oasis 4 Youth in Honduras. We did not plan to start taking people out into the field, but as God often has done in our lives, He just stealthily added it and here we are preparing for yet another team trip to Uganda in September. The awesome thing is that it really fits us well. We have always had a passion to see people GO. Whether they go overseas or just next door, Christ calls every one of us to be a light and to share His love and the Good News.
We have a strong desire to see more people step out of their comfort zone and answer God's call. It is too easy to get distracted by the ways and comforts of this world, forgetting that this world is not our home. It is a vapor compared to all of eternity. Sowing into the next life, the one that will last forever is most important!!

  I think the greatest blessing I receive from taking people out on the field is watching them change right before my eyes! Our teams, thus far, have ranged in age from 16 to 70 and yet the impact is the same. Not only do they all express the realization they own way too much and are too self-focused, but they also realize they can have an impact. They can bring change to people's lives in little ways that will ring for all eternity. We don't have to be super Christians to serve the Lord; we just need to be willing to answer the call. So my encouragement to you is GO! We would be blessed to have anyone of you join us on a trip. God has a vision for the world and He wants all of us to catch that huge vision.

Going for Jesus!


Simply God's Word

   The trip to Africa in June was truly amazing!  We were a team of 11 ladies traveling, eating, sleeping & ministering together for 2 weeks & we got along splendidly! We give praise to the Spirit of God working in each one of us! The ministry was so rich! I believe & pray that much fruit will be born from it.

   In Kigali, Rwanda we were blessed with close to 200 ladies & over 200 children! The Simply the Story IBS presentation was so much fun! Best of all, the ladies grasped the concepts & were extremely excited & blessed. The Children’s Team did an amazing job of ministering to over 200 children of all ages. The last day they did a foot washing ceremony & placed new socks on the children’s feet. Many of these children had not bathed in days!! It was a beautiful example of loving the last & the least!!

    In Lira, Uganda, we were joined by two other women & again blessed with 200 ladies at the conference. The excitement as they began to understand & participate in the training was overwhelming. My highlight was on the 2nd morning when I witnessed that moment when most of them suddenly understood what we were teaching…”the lights went on”. Their joy was abounding!! Again, our Children’s team traveled to several schools, including a very poor village school & ministered the love of Jesus to around 250 kids.

There is not nearly enough room here to describe all that God did so all I can say is thank you to all of you who prayed for & supported this team. Several of the ladies desire to return & we are already planning another trip in June 2013! Maybe you would like to join us...let me know!