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God has called us to be disciple makers, therefore, we are intentionally seeking out those who want to grow in the grace & knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is the core of our ministry. Everything we do is to help people on the way to discover  and grow in their gifts.


We planted the first church in 1995 in Des Moines, Iowa. Wayne has been involved in several other church plants in Iowa and Uganda since then. Several times over the years people have prophesied that Wayne is suppose to be a church planter. Now as we enter the latter years of life our desire is to pass things on to a younger generation so as we go to plant churches our vision is to bring young men/couples along with us, train them up, turn over the church and move on to the next opportunity. 
Our primary focus is the Ex-patriot communities throughout Mexico and Central America.

We are looking for gifted men to come along side us as we go to make disciples.


Many pastors in 3rd world nations have little to no pastoral training. The average school level in Africa & Central America is 6th grade. Therefore, we teach pastors how to study the Bible inductively & how teach expositorily verse by verse. We bring appropriate materials such as Bibles and study material to aid these pastors in their study of God’s Word.

We are seeking gifted teachers to come along side & help equip these pastors.


The women of 3rd world countries have been neglected when it comes to Bible training. We have been able to provide hundreds of Bibles & give instruction on how to study the Bible & to lead small group Bible studies.

We desire to see more women come along side of us as we empower these women with God’s Word!


As we travel, we enjoy taking people with us to experience international missions. We also help churches & groups coordinate short-term missions trips.               

Let us know if we can serve you in this way!


Millions of men, women & children die every year in developing nations because of the lack of some basic sustainable technologies; Rocket stoves, water filters, well digging, dry compost toilets & raised bed garden to name a few.
  Therefore, we train the local church how to build & use these resources to bless their congregation & reach out into their community.

You too could help with this training!

Links to Sustainable Technology:

Rocket Stoves
16 Brick
Rocket Stove Images
And More Alternatives

Raised Bed Gardening
Dry Compost Toilets
Sawyer Water Filters

There are so many ways to do any of this so please take some time to research what others have done. Look at the resources of the area you are ministering in and then decide which of these processes are sustainable for that area.