Simply God's Word

   The trip to Africa in June was truly amazing!  We were a team of 11 ladies traveling, eating, sleeping & ministering together for 2 weeks & we got along splendidly! We give praise to the Spirit of God working in each one of us! The ministry was so rich! I believe & pray that much fruit will be born from it.

   In Kigali, Rwanda we were blessed with close to 200 ladies & over 200 children! The Simply the Story IBS presentation was so much fun! Best of all, the ladies grasped the concepts & were extremely excited & blessed. The Children’s Team did an amazing job of ministering to over 200 children of all ages. The last day they did a foot washing ceremony & placed new socks on the children’s feet. Many of these children had not bathed in days!! It was a beautiful example of loving the last & the least!!

    In Lira, Uganda, we were joined by two other women & again blessed with 200 ladies at the conference. The excitement as they began to understand & participate in the training was overwhelming. My highlight was on the 2nd morning when I witnessed that moment when most of them suddenly understood what we were teaching…”the lights went on”. Their joy was abounding!! Again, our Children’s team traveled to several schools, including a very poor village school & ministered the love of Jesus to around 250 kids.

There is not nearly enough room here to describe all that God did so all I can say is thank you to all of you who prayed for & supported this team. Several of the ladies desire to return & we are already planning another trip in June 2013! Maybe you would like to join us...let me know!


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