Why We Are Thankful

This past month we were blessed to have our daughter, son-in-law and grand-children with us! The icing on the cake was the birth of our 4th right here in our home.

Marillyn, our daughter, is an amazing young woman. She was born deaf but has never let that hold her back from what she thinks the Lord wants her to do. She and Jon, her husband have chosen to answer the call of God to serve in Honduras with their 4 children. We are so blessed to be a part of what the Lord is doing in their lives.

Each of our grand-children are unique. They each know that they are my "favorite"! Naomi is my favorite oldest grand-daughter. She is the contemplation one. Tabitha used to be my favorite youngest grand-daughter, but now she has a baby sister so she is now the favorite middle grand-daughter who was born in Costa Rica. She is the goofy/funny one. Tobias is my favorite grand-son. He is all boy and knows how to charm. Poema is my favorite youngest grand-daughter now. It will be fun to see how she grows and what personality she takes on.

What a blessing to be a grandpa!


Rocket Stove Evangelism

In September when we went to Uganda, we had a young Ugandan man by the name of Felix Dai serve as one of our translators and guide. He also teaches Inductive Bible Study seminars along side of Moses. He came along both times we made rocket stoves in Paidha for two widows. He was so impressed with the ease of construction and efficiency that he said he could not wait to build some for people in his village.

Well he did not take long because within a week of our returning I received this email with the attached pictures.

Praise the LORD,

I am very excited about the rocket stove, yesterday one just like the 
one we made in Paidha, and am greatly encouraged by the efficiency of 
the stove, I tested it immediately and in only 10 minutes the tea was 
ready because we had very good wood, and the owner decided to 
continue using it straight away, and she asked me to make for her two. S
he said 'this stove is exceedingly hot, and I love it"

I have actually tried the use the stove to preach the gospel, and that is my heart, I used the story of Jeremiah in the potter's house, to tell that God is the creator and he desire that we live a life that portrays his likeness, but when Adam and eve sinned against him, it became impossible for the sinful man to portray the image of the Holy God. so the old sin of Adam and Eve passed from generation to generation, Just like the smoke from your old stove continually disturb you.

But now you will be alright because we are going to make you a stove
that does not produce smoke, except when starting the fire. This God also worked out a way for mankind to be set free from the old sins meaning the ancestral and individual sin, by sending his only son Jesus to die on the cross, and the bible says in 2 Cor. 5:17 Wherefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature: the old things are passed away; behold, they are become new. You are therefore only made new when you believe in Jesus as the only Lord and Savior.

And I use the three stones to tell them that for the new things to come, you need to REPENT which is represented by the first stone, BELIEVE IN JESUS, which is the second stone, then be BAPTIZED which is this last stone, then I tell them these three stones keeps the pot balanced.

Then I ask them do you like the stove? the answer is obviously, yes. Do you realize that we have been grieving God just as the old stove made you uncomfortable by causing your tears to roll down your cheek time and again.

Do you want God to be happy with you?, then accept Jesus just as you have received the stove with gladness.

Felix is a great man of God. Please pray for him as he reaches out to share the gospel, make rocket stoves and teach IBS.