Simply God's Word

   The trip to Africa in June was truly amazing!  We were a team of 11 ladies traveling, eating, sleeping & ministering together for 2 weeks & we got along splendidly! We give praise to the Spirit of God working in each one of us! The ministry was so rich! I believe & pray that much fruit will be born from it.

   In Kigali, Rwanda we were blessed with close to 200 ladies & over 200 children! The Simply the Story IBS presentation was so much fun! Best of all, the ladies grasped the concepts & were extremely excited & blessed. The Children’s Team did an amazing job of ministering to over 200 children of all ages. The last day they did a foot washing ceremony & placed new socks on the children’s feet. Many of these children had not bathed in days!! It was a beautiful example of loving the last & the least!!

    In Lira, Uganda, we were joined by two other women & again blessed with 200 ladies at the conference. The excitement as they began to understand & participate in the training was overwhelming. My highlight was on the 2nd morning when I witnessed that moment when most of them suddenly understood what we were teaching…”the lights went on”. Their joy was abounding!! Again, our Children’s team traveled to several schools, including a very poor village school & ministered the love of Jesus to around 250 kids.

There is not nearly enough room here to describe all that God did so all I can say is thank you to all of you who prayed for & supported this team. Several of the ladies desire to return & we are already planning another trip in June 2013! Maybe you would like to join us...let me know!



New Venture in Faith

So here we are, yet the beginning of another chapter of life! Our desire over the next 12 months is to lay our lives down and see what the Lord does with them. We have plans. We have desires. We have vision. BUT...
"A mans heart plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9
We have seen the Lord work in some crazy but believable ways the past 4 years. He has never left us wanting. He has always taken care of every need. He has remained faithful even we have been faithless!

Following is a brief outline of vision for this year:

 Water - the essence of physical life
Worship - the essence of the soul
      The Word - the essence of Spiritual life!

Statement of Purpose: To bring the knowledge of God’s Word, the Love of Christ & sustainable technology/skills to the poor thereby saving lives spiritually & physically one at a time.

The Beginning: WW&W is currently working in Honduras and Uganda. In Honduras we are working alongside Rancho Oasis 4 Youth, using their facility to train, teach & reach the pastors & people in the nearby mountain communities.

In Uganda we have partnered with Ugandan national Pastor, Moses Ouni, to assist in building a Pastoral training center in Paidah, located on the Congo border. in the West Nile.  The vision is to train up Pastors from Uganda, The Congo, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Tanzania & Kenya.

The Goal: To train up nationals to rightly divide God’s Word, to understand the biblical model of Worship & to use appropriate and sustainable technology. They can then teach, train & help people in their own communities, duplicating the process, saving many lives & reaching the lost.

The Future: Our hope & prayer is that the Lord will expand the ministry to many other countries, training Pastors & missionaries so they can in turn train those they minister to. This training &   technology is applicable in every 3rd world country; from Africa to Asia & Mexico to Central & South America.

Spiritual Specifics: We want to purposefully bring the good news of Jesus Christ to lost, hurting & dying people. We do this by seeking out churches, national ministry leaders & missionaries to train them in Inductive Bible Study principles & in-depth Bible training so they can rightly divide & personally apply the Word of truth to their lives & the people they disciple.

Technology Specifics: Two of the largest killers of poor people in the 3rd world are water born disease from unclean water & lung cancer from open fire cook stoves. WW&W offers several technologies.

Bio-Sand Water Filtration Systems:
These in home, personal water filters   produce up to 10 gallons of clean water every day for a family. They are easy to build & maintain, with no additional parts or pieces to be purchased, replaced or supplied once operational.

High Efficiency Cook Stoves:    
These simple cook stoves, built totally with local materials, burn at such a high heat there is little to no smoke. They also require one quarter of the usual fuel to cook.

Raised-Bed Gardens:
The benefit of teaching people how to grow their own food is to bring health, healing, hope & happiness.

Dry Compost Toilets:
These above ground toilets stop ground water contamination & provide a viable fertilizer for trees and crops.

How You Can Help: This teaching & technology can save many lives both physically & for all eternity. However, we cannot do this alone. We need a team of committed people who will pray, financially support the work & even travel along helping teach, train up & build. Funds can be designated for technologies or generally for teaching & traveling.

So off we go on another venture of faith with our Lord and Savior!
Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!