I wish I had the space and you had the time so I could share all the divine appointments God has brought about in just the past few weeks. Honestly, I have seen God move many times and in many ways, but usually at a pace that I find too slow and I have to reign myself in, or my husband does! However, this time He is moving at a pace where we find ourselves running to keep up. It seems that every day there is a divine moment, a conversation, an unexpected meeting, an event that can only be of God.

For example, two days ago a "chance" meeting brought us into contact with a family here. I heard they home-schooled and wondered if they were Christians. My friend and I went for a visit yesterday which turned into another God event. This Christian family from Colorado has been living in Puerto half the year for the past 10 years. They currently travel to Cancun for fellowship and have been praying for years for the Lord to bring someone to Puerto to shape a Christian community. They are as excited that we are here as we are that they are here. They have a wealth of knowledge about the community and the culture of Mexico which will be a great blessing for us as we set down roots. Plus, I will have a friend with a kindred Spirit in Christ!

The best part of the pace with which God has chosen to build is that we don’t even have the chance to get our hands on it. What I mean is, so often, because God does move slowly, we think we need to help Him out. Kind of like Sarah did with her maidservant, trying to force or make things happen! When Wayne and I moved here to Puerto, we made a covenant with God and each other that we were going to let God do all the building. We simply wake up each day, pray, avail ourselves for His use and see what happens. So far everyday something happens. Life happens, people happen and God’s Love happens!

Look around the fields are white for harvest, so many searching for answers and we can provide those answers. Thanks for being a part of this divine journey!

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