Greetings Friends!
These past few months have been a time of much contemplation regarding the future direction of our ministry, Water, Worship & the Word. I am gaining strength daily now and understanding more clearly the physical constraints of my new normal. Brooke and I have also been diligently seeking to hear God clearly on what, where and when! Just recently, we found ourselves talking about planting an International Church* somewhere in Central America. Part of this stirring was the remembrance of several prophecies I have received over the years, that I am to be planting churches, not just one but several. The first one was way back in 1993 while on a missions trip in Australia and the most recent was just this past February.

As I look back over the years, I can see where I have been considering this call and then find myself off doing other things; coming along side ministries to build, teaching at Bible colleges, training foreign Pastors. All good things but perhaps not God’s best. One of these things I love to do and do well is construction, so it is easy to find myself sidetracked and saying yes, especially to my daughter for whom I have built several projects at their ministry, Rancho Oasis 4 Youth in Honduras. But God in His sovereignty, in December of 2014, while I was in fact building a home for my daughter’s family, allowed my life course to change radically. As a result of that day, that accident, I am no longer able to construct much of anything. I can no longer squat, bend down, climb a ladder, get on my hands and knees or lift heavy objects. Hence, this has become less of a distraction for me. Granted I can still supervise and will be doing so with the installation of a roof at Rancho Oasis in August and other things through December, but I do not see myself actively involved in constructing and building on the mission field any longer.

Although I could be disappointed because I love it, I am actually excited that now perhaps I can focus wholeheartedly on what I believe is our call moving into 2017. God has already revealed locations that we are praying over and we trust He will also bring the confirmation of where the first church plant will take place. Additionally, He has shown me that I am to involve young married men in these plants, one Spanish speaking and one English speaking, with the purpose of training and raising them up and then when they are ready, passing the church on and moving on. How all of this will come to pass I do not know, but I know it is already planned out and now we must walk forward and watch God open doors and do what He does best, accomplish His will! I will be teaching at a few Calvary Chapel Bible Colleges in Latin America until we get clear marching orders. Perhaps out of these colleges will come partners for planting.

You, our many supporters, have been such a big part of this. Your words of encouragement and prayers over the years and especially this past year, have kept us going and looking and making ourselves available. All God wants is an available heart, one that will say yes! We just sold our home in Iowa so we are once again unburdened and ready to go whenever and wherever. Please pray that we would place our feet rightly behind His and let Him lead us out!

*For those who are not familiar with the term, International Church, it is an English speaking church partnering with, in our case, a Spanish speaking church. There are many places where people from the USA and Canada have moved to retire (or escape) and this type of church reaches out to these people as well as the locals. There is a growing need in many areas of C. A. for these International churches.

Thank you for standing with us through this past year and a half! It has been an amazing journey! One that I would have never asked for, but also a journey I would never want to change! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and loving friends and family like you!

In His grace,
Wayne & Brooke

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