Praying Outside of Circumstances

  As 2012 comes to an end I find myself looking back over the year & recalling God’s faithfulness in so many varied situations. I remember being asked to travel to Peru for 2 months to teach at a Bible College & allow the director & his wife a needed vacation. We did not have the funds for the tickets but we knew as we prayed that it was God’s will so we said yes & committed. The very next day, we received an unexpected donation that was sufficient to pay for the tickets!! We had not told anyone our need.
The Ladies of CC Bible College Peru!

  This has been God’s M.O. with us for years now. What we have learned is that God wants us to pray not based on what we see but based on who He is! In other words we should not pray saying, “Well, I would like to do that or go there but….fill in the blank. God is greater than all the details & if we would just let Him, He would blast right through them & reveal Himself over & over.

He is as faithful as the sunrise every morning!

  I guess this would be called faith; believing anything is possible because I look not at what I can see or imagine or understand, but because I look beyond to what I can’t see or imagine or even understand & choose to trust in His faithfulness to accomplish His will for me.

  So as I move into 2013 I have decided I want to be even more certain & sure of His total control of my life. I want to be abiding so closely that when He calls I can say immediately as Mary did, "Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word" & then go & obey. What we see as mountains God sees as speed bumps. He is so far above our challenges & so able to do abundantly beyond what we can see or think or imagine.

  So, if God has put a desire in your heart, purpose to no longer look at all the reason why you can’t, but believe you can do all things through Christ Jesus who is your strength, shield, refuge, provider & on & on ... Pray solely for His will & direction, looking past this world to the great I AM.

Believing in Jesus!


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Marillyn Beard said...

Love you guys!! So proud that you guys are my parents :o)