Here is what some people say about their Missions Trip with us:

Amber Nielsen, Britt, Iowa - June 2012

Oh, where to even begin!  This trip to Rwanda and Uganda, Africa has shown me pure JOY!  I was absolutely amazed to see the amount of joy that these people have even though many of them have no material possessions.  They do not care if their outfits match, or their shoes are comfortable (if they have shoes), if their hair is just right, if they are sick, or what others might think of them.  They spend their days being joyful in everything.  Truly puts into action James 1:2 "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds..."  What a wonderful way to live!  Even though there was a communication barrier, you could tell by their actions and their faces the joy that they have!  I have learned so much from the sweet African people.  My desire is to have such an unashamed joy that they have when they hear the word of God, open their Bibles, play silly games, worship, and do their normal daily activities. 
I loved being apart of the children's ministry.  Getting to spend time with 200+ children everyday in Rwanda was a blessing (a bit hectic at times, but definitely a blessing)!  Once we arrived in Lira, the groups of children were smaller because we were in the school systems.  Our children's team worked together and became very flexible in the constant changes.  I know that God's hand was in the making of the teams, because both children's and women's teams worked together SO well together!  It is not easy at times to put 13 women together, but God did it!  It is interesting when the people would tell us how much they had learned from us, but I believe God changed all of us - no matter what country you belonged too!

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